Intelligent IR thermal imager

Intelligent IR thermal imager

  • ModelD-LU384/640
  • DetectorUncooled focal plane array
  • Working wavelength8μm~14μm
  • Resolution384×288/640×480
  • NETD<50mK
  • Image Frame Frequency25Hz

Product introduction

Intelligent IR thermal imager is mainly used for monitoring human’s body temperature in crowded areas such as railway stations, subway stations, airports, hospitals, factories, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, schools, stadiums and other public places with large floating population. The body temperature can be taken quickly by a intelligent IR thermal imager without deliberately staying, which greatly improved the detecting efficiency. The temperature screening device looks like a video camera, which can automatically detect the body temperature of the person in the planned route, and once the person with abnormal temperature is found, the device will immediately alarm.

Intelligent IR thermal imager Intelligent IR thermal imager Intelligent IR thermal imager


  1. Compared with ordinary handheld thermometer, the detecting efficiency of the intelligent IR thermal imager is high, up to 300 persons per minute;
  2. The monitoring distance can be up to 3 meters, which can effectively reduce exposure with the tested persons to avoid infection;
  3. When detecting abnormal temperature, the screening device can automatically alarm;
  4. It is suitable to be used in crowded places for monitoring temperature;
  5. It’s error value is about ±0.3 oC;
  6. It is easy to install and operate the temperature screening machine.
Intelligent IR thermal imager Intelligent IR thermal imager
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