HSJX-350X automatic mask packing machine

HSJX-350X automatic mask packing machine

  • BrandE.P HSJX-350X
  • Dimension(mm)(L)4020×(W)720×(H)1320
  • Weight900Kg
  • Power220V, 50/60HZ, 2.8KVA
  • Packing speed40-230 bags/min
HSJX-350X automatic mask packing machineHSJX-350X automatic mask packing machine

Technical parameter:

The width of the plastic film: Max.350mm
The length of the packing bag: 65~190mm or 120~280mm
The width of the packing bag: 50~160mm
The height of the packing bag: Max.45mm

Range of application

Our automatic mask packing machines are suitable to pack all kinds of disposable flat masks and N95 masks.

Performance and characters

  1. Controlled by the dual-inverter, the cutting length of the machine is adjustable;
  2. Its idling braking time is very short, so the machine is time-saving and material-saving;
  3. With human-computer interface, it is easy to setup parameters of the packing machine;
  4. With high-sensitivity photoelectric detector, the packing machine can cut and seal the bag precisely;
  5. Independent PID control system, and the packing machine is suitable for different.
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