N95 folding-type mask production line

N95 folding-type mask production line

  • BrandE.P
  • Machine TypeFull Automatic
  • Power(W):15KW
  • ControlPLC control
  • Production capacity40-50pcs/min


N95 folding-type mask production is used to make C-type protective masks. Generally, a N95 mask production line consists of two sections: the first section for making the cover part of the N95 mask and the second section for welding. The first section can press 3-6 layers of the materials(PP non-woven cloth, meltblown cloth and other filtering materials) together. After that, the mask cover will be made. The welding section is used to add lines that are made from elastic non-woven material on the mask. There are two types of welding machines. One is for making earloops on the mask. The other is for making N95 masks with headbands.

N95 mask pressing machine

N95 mask pressing machine is used to make folding-type masks of multi-layer materials. From feeding the material to cutting the mask cover, the whole process is fully automatic. What’s more, this machine runs steadily and it is easy to operate the mask pressing machine.

Welding machine

Welding machine is used to weld earloops or headbands on the masks. It needs different welding machines to weld earloops or headbands. Therefore, you can choose a welding machine according to your need.

NOTICE: When the N95 masks are finished, they should get sterilized in the ethylene oxide disinfecting equipment.

Technical Parameters

Material: Stainless steel + aluminum alloy
Voltage: 220V/380V
Capacity: 80pcs/min
Color: customized


  1. High stability, low failure rate;
  2. PLC control system, automatic counting function;
  3. High output, and high efficiency;
  4. The mould for feeding materials can be changed conveniently to make N95 masks of different sizes;
  5. The production line is made from stainless steel and aluminum alloy, so its service life is long;
  6. Equipped with advanced feeding device and folding device.
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