Non-woven disposable bed sheet making machine

Non-woven disposable bed sheet making machine

  • ModelHD-0905-A
  • Size700cm*330cm*250cm
  • Efficiency1-15m/min
  • Voltage220V/380V
  • Power9000W
  • Weight2800KG


This machine combines ultrasonic bonding/laminating,slitting and cutting,multiple layers of non woven fabric and other materials can be bonded/laminated through thread/ needle/ gluing free technology,after that,it moves for slitting and cutting. It's higher producing efficiency,fully automatic and labor saving machine comparing with traditional methods.


  1. Using advanced ultrasonic technology which doesn’t need thread,needle or glue to laminate the fabrics,which is much more efficient than traditional methods.Further more,both bonding or slitting or cutting width can be adjusted according to actual demands.
  2. It's needle free which avoids broken needle residues in the fabric during processing.
  3. No thread joint like traditional sewing method,strong adhesive,clear line quilted,3-dimensional embossing effected.
  4. No needle holes,watertight,waterproof.
  5. The pattern roller is easy replacing for a variety of complicated discontinuous or symmetry patterns.
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