Efficient China’s measures to prevent the epidemic

2020-02-05 12:00:00
Summary :China has taken decisive and powerful measures to control the spread of the epidemic

At present, the pandemic of the new coronavirus has been a public health emergency of international concern. In this epidemic involving all human beings, the Chinese government has taken decisive and immediate measures, and medical personnel have been working hard day and night, which has been highly concerned and praised by the international community.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many cities such as Wuhan have closed their departure routes, and the construction of “Vulcan Mountain” hospital and “Raytheon Mountain” hospital is competing against time. At the same time, all Chinese people are mobilized for epidemic prevention. World Health Organization Director General Tan Desai said in Geneva that China has taken decisive and powerful measures to control the spread of the epidemic, which not only reflects a high degree of responsibility for the lives and health of its own people, but also a strong support for global disease prevention and control. Many of the prevention and control measurements that China has taken have far exceeded the requirements for responding to emergencies, setting a new benchmark for anti-epidemic work in various countries.

Former Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Alimov said that a terrible new virus that threatens humanity may appear in any country. The Chinese government is fighting hard to contain the epidemic. China has rich experience, sufficient strength and professionals in the prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases. The most important thing is that China has the spirit of uniting against the epidemic. The "war against epidemic" will eventually win.

Some foreign netizens praised that China is not only fighting against the virus for its own people, but also fighting for all the human beings living in the world. It is difficult to imagine what would happen to countries with backward medical conditions if the virus spread. Thanks to the responsible Chinese government. Hope human beings win the "war of anti-coronavirus" successfully.

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