Every spring will come as scheduled

2020-02-20 16:30:00
Summary :When spring comes, it will be a good time.

In this battlefield where there is no smoke, the Chinese people have united our hearts and minds, and have unleashed a powerful energy. China’s national defense control measurements have won the reputation and respect of the international community.

The key to winning in this corona virus epidemic is to rely on the power of the people. Thousands of builders at the hospital’s construction site are working around the clock, tens of thousands of medical workers are working so hard. Overseas Chinese cares for their fellow in mainland China and try their best to collect and deliver medical products back to China for helping ... facing to the epidemic, the whole country is quickly twisted into a strong rope.

medical workers

Compared with the SARS prevention and control in 2002, there have been two obvious advances in China’s fight against the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic: First, the virus detection level has been improved, not only has the detection technology been improved, but also the detection personnel are more professional. Second, information disclosure is more transparent.

When spring comes, it will be a good time. Spring returned to the earth and everything recovered. While preventing and controlling the epidemic situation, many places across the country began to prepare for the spring cultivation and sowing and resume production.

building hospitals in ten days

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