Facing the epidemic, the world needs “Chinese experience”

2020-03-18 15:30:00
Summary :The Chinese experience is worth learning and we hope that people all over the world will get back on track as soon as possible.

In China, the situation of preventing and controlling coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is getting better. In recent days, the leader of the WHO epidemic investigation team, Elward, has spoken in many mainstream international medium such as the New York Times and so on. He praised the speed and determination of China’s actions against epidemics. He also called on all countries to follow China’s example and learn from China’s experience.

With the spread of the epidemic throughout the whole world, foreign medium continue to focus on the successful experience of China’s national defense against coronavirus pandemic, and they believe that the Chinese government has adopted the “most courageous, most flexible, and most active” prevention and control measures to effectively contain the epidemic and make great contribution for the world public health issues.

world public health issues

The Economist issued an article on March 5 stating that China’s national defense has achieved great success in controlling the epidemic. The decline in new cases is attributed to China’s use of manpower and technology, which has been precisely isolated. The World Health Organization urges all countries that report cases to learn from China and do the new coronavirus testing as much as possible.

Science magazine published an article on March 6, saying that China took decisive measures to curb the spread of the epidemic and reverse the rapid spread of the virus. “Due to the positive response, China has avoided hundreds of thousands of infections.”

The BBC reported that China uses rescue robots, drones, artificial intelligence and other technologies for epidemic prevention. “In the battle against the new coronavirus, China has deployed disinfection robots, smart helmets, drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras, and all kinds of thermal screening devices such as non-contact thermometers, handheld thermal screening device and intelligent IR screening system.”

CNN noted that “contactless delivery” has reassured more people during the epidemic. For example, some takeaway platforms use robots to deliver food from restaurants to takeaway delivery staff and customers.

The Chinese experience is worth learning and we hope that people all over the world will get back on track as soon as possible. 

preventing and controlling coronavirus pneumonia epidemic

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