Fighting the Covid epidemic together

2020-05-19 15:03:00
Summary :Chinese enterprises and their personnel working overseas are making positive contributions to the local economic and social development during the epidemic

Under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic, the overseas projects of Chinese enterprises have promoted the construction and production of the projects in an orderly manner, making positive contributions to the local economic and social development during the epidemic, and demonstrating the responsibility of Chinese enterprises participating in the "One Belt, One Road" construction.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) continues to help Pakistan's social, industrial and economic development during the difficult period of the epidemic, when Chinese engineers are working with Pakistani builders on the front line. The article says the Corridor project has so far been unaffected by the epidemic, thanks to the high level of attention paid by Chinese companies to its prevention and control.

Chinese enterprises

On April 28th, XCMG Brazil donated epidemic prevention materials to the Bauso City Hall for a ceremony. Hamilton Magalhães, director of the Baucau City Administration Centre, who attended the ceremony, said: "Baucau and Xuzhou City are friendly cities with a very good basis for cooperation. XCMG Brazil is well-prepared for the epidemic and has effective prevention and control. This donation reflects the social responsibility and mission of Chinese companies."

In the midst of a severe epidemic in China, employees at the Bali power plant made a spontaneous donation to purchase disposable medical-surgical gloves and other epidemic prevention materials in Indonesia for donation to hospitals in Hubei. In Indonesia's epidemic prevention and control, in the face of Bali's epidemic prevention and lack of medical supplies and other problems, Huadian Science and Technology Group actively organized the procurement of epidemic prevention and medical supplies in China and donated them to local hospitals in Indonesia.

epidemic prevention

As the local epidemic situation changes, China Railway Construction also contacted the Algerian health authorities in time to express their willingness to do what they can to fight the epidemic together. On April 1, China Railway Construction raised 100 ventilators for Algeria. The Algerian Ambassador to China, Mr. Ahassan Bukharifa, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to China Railway Construction for its quick response and timely assistance when he attended the ventilator donation ceremony.

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