Friendship between China and Uzbekistan

2020-04-22 11:11:00
Summary :We firmly believe that after the hard time of fighting against the epidemic, China-Uzbekistan friendship will be stronger and the relations between the two countries will better tomorrow.

On April 17, the medical team from Jiangxi province, China arrived at the Tashkent International Airport. The joint medical team consists of 15 people, composed of experts in prevention and control, diagnosis and treatment, traditional Chinese medicine . The working group will share the treatment plan and experience of China’s fight against the new pneumonia epidemic cause by Covid-19 with the Uzbekistan government and hospitals, and their task is to assist the Uzbekistan in enhancing epidemic prevention and control capabilities. In addition, they also visited overseas Chinese and Chinese students who are studying in Uzbekistan, provided prevention and control consultation guidance, and gave out epidemic prevention materials such as medical surgical masks, protective gloves and protective gowns.

At the critical moment in China’s effort on fighting against the epidemic, the Uzbekistan government and people extended a helping hand to the Chinese people. The Uzbekistan government, enterprises, and universities actively raised medical supplies and sent charity to China. Diplomats of the Uzbekistan Embassy in China filmed the “cheering up video” in Chinese to wish China good luck. Every sincere support and every heart-warming moment give us touch and hope.

medical team set out

On March 15, the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia appeared in Uzbekistan. Up to now, the cumulative number of cases diagnosed in Uzbekistan has exceeded 1,000, and the epidemic prevention situation has tightened. As a comprehensive strategic partner, China has paid close attention to the development of the Uzbekistan epidemic situation, made every effort to help, and provided assistance in a timely manner, sharing the diagnosis, treatment and prevention plan with Uzbekistan, and inviting Uzbekistan to participate in the international briefing on the prevention and treatment of corona virus pandemic. On March 30, an aircraft carrying medical supplies from the Chinese government arrived in Tashkent, bringing the “Chinese warmness” to the Uzbekistan people. Chinese local provinces and cities and many enterprises have also donated money and medical goods to Uzbekistan.

Under such circumstances, the people of China and Uzbekistan are helping each other and overcoming difficulties, writing a new chapter in the fight against the epidemic, and implementing the concept of a community of human destiny with practical actions. We firmly believe that after the hard time of fighting against the epidemic, China-Uzbekistan friendship will be stronger and the relations between the two countries will better tomorrow.

medical team on plane

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