New cases emerge after unlocking down in many countries

2020-06-04 10:19:00
Summary :Wearing a mask and maintaining social distance may become the “new normal”.

As the epidemic is stable in many countries, locking down measure is being canceled, At the same time, the pace of countries to resume work and production is also accelerating. Although the lifting of the embargo under the “new normal” is crucial for the economy and livelihood of many countries and regions, many countries have experienced a rebound in infection rates after the lifting of the embargo. In response, WHO warned that a second wave or a second peak could strike at any time, lifting restrictions too quickly or causing a rebound.


causing rebound

Since the spread of epidemic, more than 1.87 million people have been infected in Europe. The European countries that have transitioned from the first wave of the epidemic have lifted the embargo in stages. Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and Greece carefully implemented unsealing measures in April. Starting in May, more European countries hit hard by the epidemic, such as France, Spain and Italy, also began to relax travel restrictions.

With the gradual unsealing, people have become more lax in their awareness of prevention, and some countries have seen a rebound in infection rates.

Michael Ryan, head of WHO’s Health Emergency Program, said that global pandemics typically last several waves and we should be aware that the rate of  pneumonia infection could rise suddenly at any time and that a sustained decline cannot be assumed.

At present, China has achieved a milestone victory in the fight against the epidemic. But Academician Zhong Nanshan cautioned that China should not be complacent, as the risk of a second wave of the epidemic remains high. “Most Chinese are still susceptible to coronavirus because they are not yet immunized.”

Will there be a resurgence of this epidemic? It is difficult to determine at this time. In response to the epidemic, wearing a mask and maintaining social distance may become the “new normal”.

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