Ten pieces of experience from China

2020-04-30 14:31:00
Summary :To control infectious diseases, we must always follow three principles: control the source of infection, cut off the transmission route, and protect vulnerable groups.

As of 24:00 on April 26, in Hubei, which was once the most serious province, the existing confirmed cases were cleared, and 63,616 discharged cases were cured in the province (including 46464 cases of Wuhan). 

1. National start “first-level response”. From January 23 to 25, within three days, many provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country launched a first-level response to major public health emergencies, and the prevention and control of the epidemic situation was carried out quickly and orderly.

2. “Lock down” Wuhan city immediately. After the outbreak of epidemic in Hubei, on January 23, the central government ordered the closure of the access to Hubei, effectively cutting off the transmission of the virus.

3. “Two Mountain” Hospitals + Modular Hospitals. These hospitals eased the pressure on medical resources, realized the receivables, cured the disease, cut off the spread of the virus, effectively regulated medical resources, which not only allows severely infected patients to be hospitalized in time, but also provides a safe environment for the rehabilitation of mildly infected patients.

4. Emergency medical assistance from other provinces. At the moment of emergency in Hubei and Wuhan, medical personnel across the country have come to the war one after another. At the same time, the doctors and nurses from other provinces came to Wuhan and other cities for helping. In addition, a lot of medical equipment were sent to Hubei province.

5. “Four early measurements” + free treatment. “Four early measurements” means “early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis, early treatment”, and there was a policy issued: the national financial department would pay for the confirmed patients. That means all patients would be treated for free.

6. The use of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has played a unique role in curing infected patients. Actively adopting integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment, more than 90% of patients used Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms and cut off the deterioration of the disease.

7. All wear masks. As early as January 29, the National Health and Health Commission proposed at a press conference that masks should be worn in public.

8. Joint defense and joint control. The implementation of the joint defense and joint control mechanism at the grassroots level has played an important role. Countless volunteers have appeared at the village entrances and communities to contribute their strength to maintain effective isolation.

9. Experience sharing and information transparency. The number of confirmed diagnoses and suspected cases is broadcast daily throughout the country to ensure openness and transparency. At the same time, medical experience is shared in a timely manner, the diagnosis and treatment plan is constantly improved, and the diagnosis and treatment procedures, effective treatment drugs, and rescue measures for critically ill patients are clarified as soon as possible.

10. Life is paramount. It is China's most important experience in fighting the epidemic that spares no effort to rescue, do a good job of prevention and control at all costs, and put people's safety and health first. In the face of the epidemic, saving lives is even more urgent. For this reason, we would rather sacrifice a period of economic development.

To control infectious diseases, we must always follow three principles: control the source of infection, cut off the transmission route, and protect vulnerable groups. What is most needed now is the close cooperation of various countries to learn from each other and share their experiences. Science must be followed. Although there are differences in national conditions, systems, and culture, scientific prevention and control is common in the world.

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