The epidemic is not likely to end in a year

2020-06-11 15:34:00
Summary :The epidemic caused by corona virus is not likely to finish by the end of this year, and it might worsen in fall and winter

By now, the confirmed cases have increased to 7.3 million worldwide. According to the data, the United States has the highest number of confirmed cases, followed by Russia and Brazil.

What stage has the global epidemic reached? When will it end? What is the key to controlling the epidemic? Experts give their answers.

Overall, the global epidemic is still on a rapid rise. Countries all over the world can now be divided into three categories.

The first category includes China and South Korea, which can be said to have effectively controlled the pandemic, while Japan and Singapore will have to stabilize for a while to be sure.

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The second category includes the developed countries with more confirmed cases, such as the United States, France, Spain and Italy, which are still in the process of climbing, or like Italy and Spain have shown slight signs of improvement.

The third category includes India and developing countries in South America and Africa, where, despite the small number of reported cases, the actual situation could be more serious than the reported data, and could be quite tricky once the number of infections spikes in a short period of time.

More than 200 countries and territories around the world have reported confirmed cases, with a cumulative total of more than 7.3 million confirmed cases, and currently countries have yet to find the there is no vaccine and no specific drug to effectively control the epidemic. Overall, the global epidemic is still in a rapidly rising phase, and the situation is grim, posing a great danger to the economy and people’s livelihoods.

It’s too early to say that the epidemic has ended, and it’s even too early to say global situation is getting better. In addition, not all countries are taking it seriously. Basically, countries with more than 10,000 or 5,000 cases of the disease have paid attention to it, and some countries with less than 3,000 cases have confirmed the disease. Not sufficiently focused on the epidemic, not deeply aware that neo-coronary pneumonia is a major threat to their countries, and even waiting to see what happens.

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Is the new coronavirus temperature-sensitive? Now that the epidemic has spread south to Australia and South America and north to the Nordic countries, it appears that the epidemic has survived the summer and continued into the summer. Winter is a strong possibility, the epidemic will be difficult to end this year and may even intensify in the fall and winter, with a long-term global pandemic.

Globally, the key to controlling the epidemic is global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic to develop a consensus of goals, techniques, and actions. Each country, depending on its circumstances, is making a comprehensive judgement, choosing its own path and planning to minimize the damage.

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