1+2 type full-automatic mask making machine

1+2 type full-automatic mask production line is used to make flat disposable masks including surgical masks and medical masks. A 1+2 type full automatic mask making machine consists of a mask pressing machine, two earloop welding machines and the distributing section. The mask pressing machine functions to make the mask body. And the earloop welding machines are used to weld earloops on the mask body. The distributing section connects the mask pressing machine and the two earloop welding machines. The finished mask body parts are distributed to the two earloop welding sections evenly through the distributing section.  

 full-automatic mask making machine

Our automatic mask making machines have a lot of good features. First of all, the whole mask production line cover a small area, which means you don’t need a large workshop. Secondly, the output of the mask production line is high. Thirdly, the failure rate of the 1+2 type mask production line is low. Fourthly, the whole production line is controlled by the PLC system, and it can produce masks continuously. In addition, if you want to make flat masks of different sizes, you can adjust the production to achieve it.

disposable mask making machine

Compared with half-automatic mask production line and 1+1 type mask production line, 1+2 type full automatic mask production line is more efficient and more energy-saving. It is a best choice for making flat disposable masks.

high-output surgical mask making machine