Thermal imaging plays an important role in stop spread of Coronavirus

According to the news, by now, over 209 countries and territories have reported infected cases to the public. To control the transmission of the Covid-19, many measurements are being carried out. For instance, we can see thermal screening systems and non-contact infrared thermometers used at airport terminals, train stations, shopping malls, factories, department stores and other public places.

Why is thermal screening so important? Well, it is quite easy to understand. One of the symptoms that the infected patients have is taking a fever. When people’s temperature increases, the amount of radiation they emit will increase along with it. Through thermal screening system, the devices can be used to detect such variations.

train station thermal scanning

The detecting devices include hand-held infrared devices and thermal imaging cameras that can check large groups of people simultaneously when they are walking. Different devices are designed for different purposes. Hand-held infrared devices can be used at the gate of the buildings and the community entrance. The thermal imaging cameras are more often used at airport terminals, train stations, factories and other public places.

thermal screening in public places

Our thermal imaging cameras are suitable for high-traffic pedestrian areas. They are high-accuracy devices. Now, our thermal imaging devices are serving in many different countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Italy, Britain... At present, infrared thermal screening measurement has an obvious effect on stopping the spread of coronavirus in public places. The screened out fever people had better stay at home and do the self-quarantine whether they are infected by the virus or not. In this way, the healthy people can get protected and the potential patients will be picked out. That will reduce the risk of cross-infection.

thermal imaging

Coronavirus has currently infected millions of people all over the world. A lot of  businesses got affected by the spread of covid-19 crisis. Best wishes for all the human beings living on the earth. Hope we can get through this pandemic as soon as possible.