Detecting fever with IR thermal imager

2020-04-02 10:00:00
Summary : IR thermal imager can take temperature in quantity and efficiently.

The pandemic cause by covid-19 virus are influencing all over the world. Currently, many people are doing social distancing or self-quarantine to protect themselves from being infected. All of us expect that the pandemic can finish as early as possible and everything will go back on track.

When we get back to work and the students get back to school, it is necessary to monitor people’s temperature then, because one symptom of the patients infected by covid-19 virus is fever. Taking temperature of people one by one is unlikely to implement and it is a low-efficiency testing method. So is there any way to take temperature in quantity and efficiently? The answer is yes. IR thermal imager can achieve the goal. The thermal imager has a real-time display function. What’s more, the IR thermal imaging device will alarm if it detects abnormal temperature.

IR thermal imager

How to use the IR thermal imager?

It is very convenient and easy to use the device. First of all, you should install the thermal imager on the matching tripod mount. After that, put it in the measuring place. Next, the IR thermal imager needs to be connected with a computer, so the detecting image will display on the computer screen in real time. The last step is to adjust the  thermal imager to suitable field of view (FOV). When this work is done, the IR thermal imager is allowed to work.

detecting image

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