Infrared Cameras will be as common as CCTV

2020-05-11 11:32:00
Summary :Thermal imaging cameras can come in a few different varieties.

A thermal imaging camera system can screen passengers’ body temperatures. Now, Amazon is installing real-time thermal imaging in its fulfillment centers to screen workers. Everywhere you look, people are trying to find how best to provide safety for those in the workforce, those who are traveling, people who are going into stores.

thermal imaging camera

Companies like Amazon, casinos, and supermarkets are adopting thermal cameras to help identify sick workers and customers at scale. Thermal cameras able to accurately detect body temperature. In fact, thermal cameras capable of detecting elevated body temperatures has emerged during the outbreaks of SARS, H1N1, and Ebola. Currently, there’s typically a surge in demand for thermal imaging around disease outbreaks.

real time thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can come in a few different varieties. Some can be handheld or sit on tripods, and others can become permanent installations in places like security checkpoints. Being screened typically involves standing in front of a camera for a moment and removing eyewear like glasses.

thermal cameras

Historically, the biggest customers for thermal imaging were transportation security checkpoints in Asia, Merrill says. Thermal cameras have been used in airports in countries like Singapore since the 2003 SARS outbreak. But as the impact of the coronavirus has grown, demand has become global.

I believe you are going to see infrared cameras become as common as CCTV.

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