Is China able to produce enough masks to the world?

2020-05-25 16:40:00
Summary :To solve the shortage problem, we need more mask manufacturers.

At present, the epidemic caused by corona virus has totally got controlled. There is just few new cases confirmed and most of patients came from foreign countries. Currently, in daily work and life, we are asked to wear masks. Because the latent incubation period of the virus is about 14 days, even there is an incubation period of about 30 days. Therefore, Chinese people will wear masks for at least another two months.

Supply and demand about masks in China

In China, workers have returned to work and students have went to school. Now, the approximate number about daily mask demand is will about 500 million pieces, and in the next two months, the mask demand will not decrease. At least within two months, China is unable to supply the world with a large number of masks.

mask supply and demand

For humanitarian reasons, China has provided and has been providing other countries with a certain amount of masks and protective clothing to help their medical difficulties, but this can not solve the fundamental problem of the shortage of masks, nor prevent the further spread of the epidemic. More mask manufacturers are needed to provide more masks to the global market.

In the following, let’s analyse how long the epidemic will last.

Comparing the epidemic development and control measures of Chinese and abroad, it is not difficult to see that at present, the foreign epidemic situation is still far from stable, let alone reduced. Some national experts even predict that the epidemic will last through 2020.

All in all, the global mask demand is large and the supply is insufficient. Under such circumstances, China suppliers are not able to provide the whole world enough masks. To solve the shortage problem, we need more mask manufacturers.

mask production line

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